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Ways to Get a Drink In a Pandemic

One of the main attractions to the city of Austin is our 6th street and Rainey street areas and their bar/club settings. However, in the middle of a pandemic how are you supposed to go out for a drink? Well I have come up with a few options that either have loopholes or are great alternative options when in need of a drink.

1. Coffee Houses and Beer Gardens

     Many coffee houses within the city of Austin do not just limit their menus to coffee alone. Some like Radio City Coffee (in North Austin) and Cosmic Coffee (in South Austin) offer a full bar with liquor and beer options. What I like about both spots is that they abide by all CDC guidelines and provide plenty of outdoor seating. Also, of importance is there are several food trucks located at these locations serving all sorts of delicious food. I sometimes spend hours reading and sipping on a drink and eating food and cannot recommend them enough.

2. Brewhouses that Serve Food

     The current state order bans all locations that make over 51% of their revenue through serving alcohol from being open. However, many locations that also serve food can reopen despite the order. A prime example, and now a new part of downtown, is Hold Out Brewing which just open its doors in May. They have a small menu and a copious amount of in-house beer. A fair warning though, they tend to run out of beer on occasion so proceed with haste and avoid extremely busy business hours.

3. To-Go Orders

     So many restaurants and bars throughout the city of Austin have received the ability to sell cocktails and specialty drinks in a carry-out capacity. For example, Chuy’s is selling a take home margarita set that absolutely smashes in both a physical and metaphorical sense. Say you have a favorite bar on dirty sixth you will more than likely be able to support them through a to go order.

     Quarantine has all of us in need of the occasional drink, but we do not always want to put the effort in. Hopefully with these tips you will be able to support your local businesses and gain a sip of happiness at the same time.

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