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Springtime Kayaking

We’re finally leaving February in the past and it’s looking like we’ll escape without a major freeze or snow storm. With March around the corner we can look forward to a new year filled with new goals and hobbies. Kayaking might be a good fit for those new goals because it is an active sport and gets you out into the great outdoors.

1)  Kayaking Can Help With Fitness Goals

Many of us start the new year with different fitness goals, but oftentimes we fall off for different reasons. For many it’s due to the repetitive nature of their exercise that they give up. For others it’s the simple fact that exercising isn’t exciting to them. Kayaking provides a good solution to both of these problems because you can go to any body of water for any amount of time and lose some weight and meet goals.

2) March Weather is Better than the Summer 

The average daytime temperature is 73 degrees in March which is absolutely dreamy in comparison to the summer time. Average daytime temperatures in Austin during the month of July gets all the way up to 96 degrees. Meaning that if you wanted to try a new activity like kayaking makes March a much better time to try it.

3) April Showers

April brings plenty of rain which means plenty of water for you to explore. Some kayaking routes are only available when there has been enough rain to keep the water levels up. With bodies of water like the Guadalupe or the Frio the water can be intensely low without enough rain. Additionally, if you get more into the whitewater side of kayaking with enough rain rapids can become severely intense.

Now if there is still a curiosity as to how to get out on the water you should call Lone Star Kayak Tours with any questions you have. They can assist you with any knowledge you might be lacking or point you towards proper equipment.

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