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Reasons to Go to Cidercade

There is a restaurant, arcade, and bar new to the city of Austin that I’m absolutely in love with! It’s the only restaurant on Lady Bird Lake that has a patio space and its bar menu is all brewed in house. They also sell by the can or in six packs if you want to take something to go at an affordable rate! Here are some reasons I love the Cidercade:

  1. Dozens of Arcade games

The Cidercade has all of your classic favorites from your childhood ranging from Pac-Man to Air Hockey. It also receives newer arcade games and is expecting more as Covid restrictions loosen. My personal favorites are some of the pinball machines because they provide endless hours of entertainment as you chase the highest score.

  1. Great Food

Something you’ll notice as soon as you walk onto the parking lot is a delicious smell. No you’re not imagining things, you’re smelling their delicious pizza. Before there is any concern that it resembles anything close to Chuck E. Cheese let me reassure you it doesn’t. It’s made with quality ingredients and if you don’t believe me you can actually view them cooking in the kitchen while you play games.

  1. Fantastic Patio Space

There is a quite literal one of a kind patio space on Lady Bird Lake at the Cidercade. There is literally no other restaurant on the entire lake with a patio space, and not to mention with such a stellar view. There are kayakers and paddleboarders launching right in the little bay area and the view of downtown is second to none. It’s such a popular view of downtown that we have a multitude of engagements occurring on the boardwalk.

  1. Stellar Service

The staff at the Cidercade is super friendly and always willing to work with you. They’re attentive, kind, and observant of everything you have going on as a customer. It’s part of why I choose Cidercade over their competitors like Pinballz.

I hope this little article helps you to come check out the Cidercade and maybe come rent a kayak from us as well. They are located at 600 E. Riverside Dr. so drop by and check them out.

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