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Rainy Days in Austin

There is so much to do in Austin when the sun is out, but how about when it rains? Recently Austin has seen an exceptional amount of rain and tourists have been wondering what they can do with the time they have. So here is a list of activities that you can do when the weather doesn’t cooperate:

  1. Go see a movie

There are new movies constantly coming out in Austin whether it be small indie films or large scale blockbusters you can find things to watch. Austin is home to two different theater scenes and experiences worth checking out in the city! If you’ve ever heard of the Alamo Drafthouse it originated here in Austin, but the original is unfortunately gone. They have everything from new releases to fun interactive experiences for you to check out. There is also the Paramount Theater which is one of the oldest movie theaters in the United States. It’s home to a number of Paramount movie premiers which make for a cool, unique rainy day experience.

  1. Check out a museum

We have a number of museums here in Austin all of which make for a great visit during the rainy weather! If you get the chance the Bob Bullock Museum is worth checking out for giving you the entire history of Texas. Another great museum recommendation is the LBJ Presidential Library which is named after the only president to graduate from a Texas University, you probably can’t guess which one! Why not go to the library in bad weather to find out?

  1. Go to a restaurant

When the rain comes out the crowds stay in! It makes it the perfect time to check out restaurants that would usually have long lines (Coopers BBQ). My personal favorite restaurant in Austin that usually has a long line or wait is Uchi. It’s a top of the line sushi restaurant that will often leave you satisfied after a hundred dollar check. There is plenty beyond BBQ and sushi to eat in Austin that experiences long lines so why not travel for food.

While rainy weather sucks there are always fun activities to do wherever you visit you just need to know what to do. Hopefully this list helps fill your days with adventure no matter what the weather is.

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